ADVOCACY (noun) – public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy 

NJANA is extremely active in the realm of advocacy, fighting for the rights of our members to preserve our ability to practice in New Jersey, and working in conjunction with the AANA on national issues.

Our advocacy efforts include visiting with and educating lawmakers, providing clear and helpful information about anesthesia issues to the public, and organizing grassroots responses and letter-writing campaigns to encourage lawmakers to take action.

We also use Voter Voice to help our members quicly and easily connect with lawmakers on pending legislation to ensure that every one of you has a chance to be heard on local, state and national level issues. Click here to visit our Voter Voice Campaigns.

From time to time we will also survey our members to see how particular issues are impacting their lives and the ability to practice to help us formulate strategies for advocacy efforts.  If you would like to become part of our advocacy corps please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Here are some of the top issues NJANA is currently addressing:


Joint Protocol

Workforce Classification

  • Pending Legislation on the classification of Independent Contracors S-863


Call To Action Campaigns

Workforce Survey (NJ)

Please take a minute to fill out this NJANA Workforce Survey to help us better asses how the COVID-19 Panedemic has impacted your job and your workplace. Click here take the survey.

Nurse Workforce Protection Act (National)

AANA is asking members to write letters to ask your local representatives to co-sponsor the “Nurse Workforce Protection Act” to help protecting CRNA’s and other nurses facing furloughs and layoffs. Click here to learn more.

Veterans – Full Practice Authority (National)

AANA is rallying support to ensure CRNA’s have full practice authority in Veteran’s facilities. Click here to send a letter to congress.

I want to be an advocate

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