NJANA has partnered with BlocHealth, a healthcare technology company, to provide free access to an online career management platform.

BlocHealth helps you manage your professional data. As a CRNA, you are busy, time is valuable. BlocHealth helps save you time by automating many of the required tasks and keeps all your professional data in one place making it easier to update licensing, credentials, insurance, and to navigating the onboarding process by sharing documents with current and future employers.

The partnership gives you access to:

  • BlocApp – a smart, universal common application – submit information once and easily update it from your phone or computer! Uploading documents is as easy as dragging files onto the screen or through taking a picture with your phone.
  • BlocDock – easily upload, store and share key credentialing and licensing documents.
  • The ability to have your data mapped to new applications (many options, sign-up to see what is available)
  • Automatic CV Generator – use the information in BlocApp to create a nicely formatted CV in seconds!

BlocHealth also offers a basic and preferred tier which gives you access to many discounted, paid add-ons that save you significant time!

To take advantage of this offer and join other healthcare professionals in automating the manual tasks NJANA members must sign-up here:


To learn more, please visit: www.blochealth.com